Documentary makers on story of Justin Fashanu's life


Documentary makers on story of Justin Fashanu's life


sbobet88888 Justin Fashanu was the only professional footballer to have come out as gay in Britain while active in the game, and is now the subject of a new sbobet88888 documentary called 'Forbidden Games: The Justin Fashanu Story'. The film, available to watch on Sky Store for Rainbow Laces Week, supported by Sky Sports, tells the story of the journeyman striker's life both in and out of football, and its tragic end. Jon Carey and Adam Darke, who produced and directed the film, joined Sky Sports News on Wednesday to reflect on Fashanu's legacy, and his troubled relationship with his brother, fellow sbobet88888 footballer John. Darke said: "I think, from our perspective, and from spending two and a half years on this film, I think it's clear that Justin suffered a lifetime of rejection. We feel that shaped his mentality." "Justin rose to fame and almost left his brother behind," explained Carey. "And then, as Justin's star faded, John overtook him."

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